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Each project begins with a level of trust when it comes to pricing, design and know-how. Our open and honest approach to every job has shown homeowners that respect can still be at the forefront of good service. Bachmann clients are often so comfortable with our pricing and experience that many new projects begin without the homeowner asking for a competing bid.

The Bachmann family knows that besides a fair price, clients are looking for the highest quality workmanship. We know that quality is not automatic. Quality only happens when a company is vigilant about doing every part of every job right. High quality results come from a daily, hourly commitment to the right materials, the right craftsmen and the right attitude. We take pride in our work, carefully examining the detail of each project with expert eyes.

From the start, it was the ability to be flexible that helped our company build relationships that would last. We understood that giving clients true service would mean adapting our practices to keep clients’ lives running smoothly. We realize that your home is your personal space, so we try to accommodate your family in every way possible to make your experience as pleasant as possible. We pride ourselves on fulfilling personal requests — whether that is a small repair or picking up a gallon of milk on the way to the job site!

The Bachmann concept is simple — provide high quality construction and repair work with a genuine sense of family “built in.” By getting to know the homeowners and the home, the integrity of the structure and its uniqueness is maintained by just one family-owned company that cares. Today, Bachmann Construction continues to enjoy longstanding friendships with many of the people we serve year after year.